The Piedmont Gardeners Scholarship


Matthew John Quirey, 2018/2019 recipient

Matthew John Quirey is from Blackwell, Oklahoma. He studied horticulture at Oklahoma State University (B.S. 2007) and the University of Delaware (M.S. 2014) focusing on public horticulture and cultural landscape issues. As a Longwood Fellow, he traveled the northeast U.S. and Southeast Asia studying contemporary management issues of public horticulture and cultural landscapes. His research interests include: cultural landscape management, preservation, planning, and education; urban forestry; urban ecology; and roadside landscapes. Matthew’s background in horticulture and cultural landscape management complements his vision to connect people to the environment, improving communities through thoughtful and sustainable design.


Amount of Award: $3,000

Application Due Date: February 15, 2019

Purpose: To recognize an outstanding student entering the second or third year of the MLA program in
Landscape Architecture at The University of Georgia who demonstrates a special interest in horticulture OR a sophomore or junior in the Department of Horticulture majoring in Ornamental Horticulture.

Source of Funds: Beginning in 1992, The Piedmont Gardeners have hosted the Annual Garden Tour of Athens area private
gardens. This scholarship is funded from the proceeds of the tour.

The Scholarship: The scholarship award is disbursed to the recipient in two installments, one half prior to the fall semester, and one half upon submission of the official transcript following completion of the fall semester.

Selection Process: The selection of the scholarship winner is made by the Scholarship Committee of The Piedmont Gardeners and is based on the applicant's academic record, course work related to horticulture, personal statement, activities, work experience, honors, and recommendations.

Eligibility: Students with a cumulative B average and who are enrolled as a full-time student. If the recipient fails to maintain a cumulative B average, or drops below full-time status, remaining funds will be forfeited. Student must submit official fall transcript to receive second installment of award.


1) Submit on-line application form (below) by February 15, 2019

2) Provide one (1) official and sealed University of Georgia Transcript (copies and unsealed transcripts are not accepted).

3) Provide two (2) sealed letters of academic recommendation signed by the department faculty.

Mail transcripts and letters of recommendation to:

Landscape Architecture Students:

College of Environment and Design
Scholarship Committee - PGS External Applications
285 S. Jackson Street (Main Office)
Athens, GA 30602 

Horticulture Students:

University of Georgia Department of Horticulture
120 Carlton Street
Athens. GA 3060

Applicants are responsible for complete applications. Applications that are not complete cannot be considered.

Application materials will not be returned.

The Piedmont Gardeners reserves the right not to award a scholarship in any given year.

On-Line Scholarship Application Form

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Provide a written statement that addresses each of the following: 1) Your goals and interests in Landscape Architecture and Horticulture; 2) Work experience; 3) Special projects or presentations in which you have participated; and, 4) Any other information you feel would help us understand your particular interests and strengths. 800 words maximum.
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